Today, I want to share different configuration techniques for Xcode projects with you for different environments like; development, beta, QA, pilot, production, etc.

First of all, ❗️ do not use targets for environmental configuration purposes.

Let’s start with creating a new Debug and Release configuration for each of our environments…

What Is a CharacterSet?

a CharacterSet is a struct defined in Foundation Framework. It represents certain character arrays like;

  • decimal digits (CharacterSet.decimalDigits)
  • white space characters (CharactersSet.whitespaces),
  • lowercase letters (CharacterSet.lowercaseLetters)
  • illegal characters (CharacterSet.illegalCharacters)
  • punctuation characters (CharacterSet.punctuationCharacters)
  • and many more.

How To Know What’s Inside a CharacterSet?

Unfortunately, the CharacterSet struct doesn’t have a method or property to get characters by default, but…

Let's create a ListView with section headers in React Native.

First, we need a suitable data to show with sections and rows. I copied this data from a pizza restaurant menu.

var menuData = {
menu : [
menuSectionId …

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